Here you'll find hundreds of money saving tips in a variety of areas.

“Prepare” Vegetables to Assure They Get Eaten


Pop quiz. What are more likely to get eaten and not go bad in the refrigerator: vegetables left in the original bags, or those that have been peeled and cut up? Read more…

Keep Broken Rakes Out of the Landfill


A rake’s usefulness doesn’t end at a break. Read more…

Keep Grass From Clogging Mower Blade


Use this tip to keep grass from building up on the underside of your mower. Read more…

Protect Perennials in the Winter


This tip can help to protect your precious perennials, but not for the reason you might think. Read more…

Create Toad Garden Condos


A natural approach to pest control. Read more…

Buy Better Quality Gardening Tools


Tools are one of those areas where not skimping can save you in the long run. Read more…

Plant a Colorful Vegetable Garden


Flowers or vegetables? Get the best of both worlds by carefully selecting what to plant. Read more…

De-Camouflage Your Garden Tools


Because your hoe should not necessarily blend in with the background… Read more…