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Create a Fall Wreath


This YouTube video will show you how to create a simple fall wreath composed of bittersweet and items purchased from the craft store.

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Report: Special Washer and Dryer Features to Avoid


If you’re in the market for a new washer or dryer, the lure of special features can be a strong one. Not so fast, says Consumer Reports. Their recent report looks at five features that are not really worth the effort, or the money, including:

Special cycles. Thirty-three cycles and counting, that’s how many we’ve seen on some washers in our labs. Think about the fabrics you wash and the problems you’re trying to solve. For example, to kill allergens such as dust mites the wash water needs to be about 127 degrees F for 12 minutes. So check the manufacturer’s claims and keep in mind that the basic cycles and settings can handle most washing needs.

Source: Yahoo! News

Like Money? Avoid These 10 College Majors


Kiplinger takes a look at the top ten majors that will make you wish you had remained a high school graduate. Between English, Drama, and Fine Arts, there aren’t a whole lot of surprises on this list, but still, I would not have thought this would make the number one slot:

1. Anthropology

Unemployment rate: 6.9%
Recent grad employment rate: 10.5%
Median salary: $40,000
Median salary for recent grads: $28,000
Projected job growth for this field, 2010-2020: 21%
Likelihood of working retail: 2.1 times average

Many of today’s anthropology grads are studying a culture they didn’t expect: the intergenerational American household, as seen from their parents’ couch. New anthropology majors face stifling unemployment, forcing nearly a third to take low-paying office or sales jobs. More dramatically, recent grads stand to make a mere $28,000 per year – less than the median pay for someone with only a high school diploma. If foreign cultures are your thing, a major in international relations promises both a higher salary and lower unemployment rate.

Yeah, but you get to carry a whip and travel around the world (according to my guidance counselor, Mr. Indiana Jones). You can check out the whole list here.

Late September: Buy a Laptop and Save


When is the best time to buy a laptop? According to the website, the last two weeks of September is a great time. From the New York Time’s Gadgetwise: is a Web site created by artificial intelligence experts that tracks millions of price changes on consumer electronics and appliances and uses algorithms to to predict when buyers are most likely to get a deal. The site claims 77 percent accuracy since its inception in June 2011.

Recently released data from the company showed that laptop prices tended to dip to seasonal lows three times a year: in late June, the last two weeks of September and beginning again in mid-December.

Jewel Sings The “Walmart Song”


And you wonder how much they paid her. Offered up without comment, other than to note: 160 likes, 2393 dislikes.

Seasonal Grocery Shopping Guide: What To Buy, Month By Month


There are many strategies you can use to save money on your grocery shopping. One of the best is to target items that are in season.

This guide takes a look at what produce and other items are in season, month by month. Each page/month of this guide focuses on three main areas:

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Best Labor Day Weekend Sales


Looking for a great sale this Labor Day Weekend?