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Create a Thanksgiving Turkey Hat


Check out the lighter side of Thanksgiving with this turkey hat tutorial. Read more…

Make a Spray Bottle Turkey for Thanksgiving


Technically, it’s how to make Margaret the Gobble Gobble Spray Bottle Turkey. An unusual Thanksgiving crafting project with a cool end result. Read more…

Thanksgiving Turkey Gourd Centerpiece Tutorial


Create a unique turkey centerpiece for your Thanksgiving feast using a gourd. Read more…

Create Place Cards for Thanksgiving


Make festive place cards for your Thanksgiving table with this video tutorial. Read more…

Thanksgiving Turkey Tablecloth Tutorial


Create a turkey tablecloth for Thanksgiving with this crafting video tutorial. Read more…

How to Make a Thanksgiving Banner


Create a Thanksgiving Banner with this crafting tutorial. Read more…

Create a Thanksgiving Table Setting


Southern Living presents this “dramatic table scape” tutorial for your Thanksgiving table. Read more…

Thanksgiving Crafts: Create Pilgrim Hats and Native American Headdresses


This video tutorial will show you how to make pilgrim hats and Native American headdresses for Thanksgiving. A great crafting project for kids! Read more…