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Adobe Buzzword – Free Word Processing

Adobe® Buzzword® is a new online word processor, perfect for writing reports, proposals, and anything else you need to access online or work on with others. It looks and behaves like your normal desktop word processor, but it operates inside a web browser, so there’s no installation required.

Create print-perfect documents
What you see on the screen is what you’ll get when you print. Fonts, letter spacing, colors, and graphics are all reproduced exactly.

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Collaborate with any number of co-authors
Write, edit, and comment on documents with only the people you choose. Control access levels and track edits by contributor.

Access your documents from anywhere
All your documents are online, so there’s no need to e-mail attachments back and forth.

Control versions and keep track of changes
Avoid editing and reviewing conflicts since everyone works with the same version of the same document.

Home Page: Adobe Buzzword

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