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An Easy Way to Make Pie Crust

Take the toil out of pie crust with this simple preparation method.

Pie crust can be used in any number of recipes to make a satisfying, comfort-foodish type of meal. Chicken pot pie is one of our favorite uses for pie crust (outside of the apple or blueberry uses), but it can be a bit time consuming to make. Enter your food processor. Simply add all the dry ingredients, slice in the butter (or add the shortening) one tablespoon at a time, and processes in several quick bursts over ten seconds. The consistency should be the “pea-sized” one that most crust recipes recommend you shoot for. It’s then just a question of adding the right amount of water, forming it into a ball and refrigerating it for a while so that it will be easier to handle.

Don’t have a food processor? Try freezing the butter or shortening and then grating it into the dry ingredients. The dough will be much easier to work with that way.

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