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Angry Thoreauan, Issue #15
From buying bonds to property, why the Xmas “tradition” is not worth the trouble, the futility of work (as in jobs), how the government is not at all concerned with your welfare, the vanity of having children, scams, effectively bitching to get that for which one has paid, food, clothing, housing, investments, parental & peer pressure, and many other aspects of life that consider greatly in the difference of living or merely existing. Much of Beating the System is comprised of common sense, but too many people need to be brought to their senses when it comes to the cost of living.The appendix is worth a mention, too, for there are brief essays, written by other folk, that corroborate with philosophical testimony the feasible ideas of living frugally and not “working.” I wholly recommend this fabulous book. It is a great investment.

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