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You’re young. You’ve used up the handful of decorating ideas you ever had and, frankly, it’s time to take down the tapestries and the pushpin-worn posters. You’re livin’ in the real world now, sister. And, you’re broke. So what if your mom thinks you’re sassy and sophisticated—it’s high time you showed everyone else you truly are. In Chick Living, Kris Koederitz Melcher teaches us how to live frugally while oozing fabulousness. Melcher’s got your back with real-life lessons in necessity such as securing renter’s insurance, getting enough calcium in your diet, and when to take your car and yourself in for a routine checkup. We can all learn a lesson or two from Melcher who, in her first year out of college, paid every bill on time and had funds left over for starting a Grown-up Girl wardrobe and a savings account. What’s a Grown-up Girl Wardrobe, you ask? What’s a savings account? Never fear, oh sweet young dear. Help is on the way. It’s an expensive world out there and this guide is here to tell you what to spend on and when to put your money away. Quit dishing out three bucks for your morning latte and start making your frothy favorite at home. Discover the beauty of a yard sale and have enough cash left over for a monthly dinner-out splurge. Invest in a few classics for your closet but avoid the enticing lure of fad clothing. You’ll find everything here but the kitchen sink (although Melcher tells you what should be underneath your sink). Whether you’re in search of a job, a roommate, a couch, or a recipe, Melcher’s preparedness savvy is the ideal remedy for the just-out-of-college blues or the woes of any fund-hungry chick. You’ll thank your extra pennies that she’s put her hard-won wisdom and experience into a guide for the rest of us.

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