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Brown discusses the approaches to eating, sleeping, sanitation, storage, and safety on the smallest (15- to-24-foot) cruising sailboats, and reviews the various hull forms and sail plans available. This book is a revised edition of Brown’s Sailing on a Microbudget, which reviewers called “the winner for daysailing and weekend cruising” (ENSIGN) and “a real joy to read, reaffirming the adage that `simple is better’ with compact grace and style” (Small Boat Journal).

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One Response to “Books – Frugal Yachting”

  1. legion says:

    LOL, frugal yachting. I love it! I would have called it Boating on a Buck, but that’s just me. 🙂

    I think I’m actually going to get this. I’ve been dreaming of getting a small (23ish foot) sailboat for a while, and this will definitely keep me in nice thoughts this winter. Thanks!

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