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Buy Better Quality Gardening Tools

Tools are one of those areas where not skimping can save you in the long run.

Many years ago, too many to stoically consider, we bought a socket wrench set at a dollar store. Defying the store’s mandate, we paid a little more than a dollar, but not much more. We needed a socket wrench set, and the reasoning for the price was that even if it was not quite up to par, we would still get some use out of it and then use the sockets for fishing sinkers.

That’s pretty much the way it went down. The case was so shoddy, sockets were constantly getting lost. Rust quickly set in, the gear in the wrench itself was constantly acting up… we essentially got what we paid for. We did get some use out of the set, but I keep thinking how much irritation we would have saved (not to mention money replacing individual sockets) going with a good quality socket wrench set at the start.

Long story short, a good set of tools will easily pay for itself in terms of cost, convenience and safety. They are more durable, and you’ll tend to treat them a lot better than tools you spent a good deal less for.

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  1. NYstar says:

    Momma always said you get what you pay for. Somethings are just ridiculous, like paying just for brand name stuff, but I’d have to agree that when it comes to buying things like tools, and in particular buying garden tools, Momma was right. Anything that takes a little abuse, pay a little more. They’ll pay for themselves real quick.

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