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Divorces on the Cheap: Saving Money on your Uncoupling


OK, you said you do, but come to find out, you really don’t. You need a divorce, but you don’t want to pay a lot to get it (chances are if you’ve reached the divorce point, you probably figure you’ve paid enough already). Surely there must be some way to get un-hitched on the cheap. Read more…

Books – The Frugal Bride


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Make Bridal and Bridesmaid’s Bouquets Do Double-Duty


Getting the most from wedding flowers. Read more…

Keep The Wedding Dress Simple, For Now


Start with the basics when it comes to dresses. Read more…

Consider Mail Order For Your Wedding Dress


One inexpensive dress option. Read more…

Alternate Sources For Wedding Dresses


Think virtual. Read more…

Save On Wedding Dresses By… Renting?


One way to ease the bridal budget. Read more…

Save on Bridesmaid Dresses With Local Seamstresses


Bridesmaids: sure you love them, but don’t let them break the bank. Read more…