Here you'll find hundreds of money saving tips in a variety of areas.

Saving Money While Staying Cool


When it gets hot, you naturally want to cool down, and the easiest way to do that is to flick on the AC and just chill. It’s also the most expensive way to cool down. The following tips will help you to beat the heat without spending a ton of cash to do it.

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Children’s Clothing Replacement Policy


Always check into this before buying children’s clothes. Read more…

Recycling Kiddie Pools


Don’t let that swiss-cheesed kiddie pool get away from you. Read more…

Frozen Fruit Treats


These make an excellent, nutritious snack for kids! Read more…

Plan Ahead To Save on Bicycles


Which time of year is the best time to buy a bicycle? Read more…

Make Your Own Tub Crayons


You can either grate your own bars of soap for this project, or use soap flakes. Read more…

Make Your Own Sidewalk Chalk


If you have an expanse of sidewalk or parking lot begging for a little temporary art, you’re going need to need some of these. Read more…

DIY Baby Wipes


From the “Bet You Didn’t Think You Could Make This On Your Own” file. Read more…