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Recycle HP Ink Cartridges


Have a printer ink cartridge sitting around and not sure what to do with it? If it’s an HP cartridge, HP will pay your shipping to recycle it. Read more…

The Proper Way To Cover TV’s and Monitors


To keep dust at bay, avoid the expensive plastic covers and try this. Read more…

Diskette Racks Out of Milk Jugs


Organize your office using garbage… although if yours looks like mine most days, you’re probably saying, “Been there…” Read more…

A Door? A Desk!


Hard up for a desk? Would you happen to have a door lying around? Read more…

PCV Computer Cords


An errant computer cord tip. Read more…

Dusting Your Keyboard The Frugal Way


Nix the compressed air cans and try these less costly alternatives. Read more…

A Frugal Clean For Computer Screens


If it’s good enough for the windows in your house… Read more…

Software For Free


Really cool computer software need not cost you an arm and a leg. Read more…