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20 Frugal Resolutions for the New Year


Lose weight. Quit smoking. Exercise more. Finally conquer that irrational fear of clowns, once and for all. New Year’s is a perfect time to roll out the resolutions, those pledges to change something in your life, start anew, tabula rasa. Why not concentrate this year on a few frugal resolutions and get your financial house in order?

Even small changes to the way you do things in your life can add up to big savings, and more happiness. The following twenty frugal resolutions aren’t necessarily profound, but they’re all great steps towards saving more money in the New Year. Select as many as you want, physically write them down into a list, and tape it next to your bathroom mirror so you don’t lose track of them.

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Like Money? Avoid These 10 College Majors


Kiplinger takes a look at the top ten majors that will make you wish you had remained a high school graduate. Between English, Drama, and Fine Arts, there aren’t a whole lot of surprises on this list, but still, I would not have thought this would make the number one slot:

1. Anthropology

Unemployment rate: 6.9%
Recent grad employment rate: 10.5%
Median salary: $40,000
Median salary for recent grads: $28,000
Projected job growth for this field, 2010-2020: 21%
Likelihood of working retail: 2.1 times average

Many of today’s anthropology grads are studying a culture they didn’t expect: the intergenerational American household, as seen from their parents’ couch. New anthropology majors face stifling unemployment, forcing nearly a third to take low-paying office or sales jobs. More dramatically, recent grads stand to make a mere $28,000 per year – less than the median pay for someone with only a high school diploma. If foreign cultures are your thing, a major in international relations promises both a higher salary and lower unemployment rate.

Yeah, but you get to carry a whip and travel around the world (according to my guidance counselor, Mr. Indiana Jones). You can check out the whole list here.

Education Secretary Hosts Free Web Chat (Friday, 8/24/12)


Have questions about how to finance a college education? You’ll get the chance this Friday at 11 am when the US Education Secretary Arne Duncan holds a free web chat, hosted by Today Money. Read more…

Five Most Employment-Friendly Degrees


If you’re looking to get a degree that has the best potential to land you your dream job, avoid English (smacks self in head) and concentrate on the following. Read more…