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How to Grow Your Own Pineapple


I don’t know, maybe it’s some kind of urban myth, but I swear you can grow your own pineapple from the top of one that you cut up to eat. I seem to remember a picture of a little squat pineapple plant with a fat little pineapple growing out of the middle of it, and I seem to remember trying it at least once without a hint of luck. Read more…

Home-Based Methods to Tackle Common Garden Pests


One of the biggest problems facing the home gardener comes in the form of garden pests. While small, they have voracious appetites and can quickly turn your backyard pride and joy into a desolate, salad-less realm. Have no fear, though. There are some cheap and easy methods of knocking down even the hungriest of garden pests. First though, you should make your garden as hostile as possible to bad bugs.

The Healthy Garden

There are some general things you can do to keep a great many pests at bay, starting with the soil. Healthy soil will lead to healthy plants, plants capable of surviving pest attacks much better than plants started in poor soil. Before you put a seed or seedling in the ground, make sure you either rototill or turn the soil to let air in, as well as add compost.

I hate to nag, but weed regularly! Pests like to live in weeds and decaying plant matter, so be sure to weed frequently and remove old leaves and other rotting plant matter to take away places for them to hide.

Don’t go on a killing spree. Not all bugs are bad, and insects like ladybugs, bees, praying mantises, aphid-parasitic wasps and earthworms can actually be very beneficial to your garden. Ladybugs alone can eat 400 aphids a day! Just make sure your efforts aren’t driving away the good bugs with the bad. Read more…

Do Your Yardwork Personally, or Pay Someone?


What’s the best way to get your lawn mowed and your leaves raked? Read more…

When to Buy Bulbs & Seeds


Time your bulb and seed purchases to save the most money. Read more…

Making Your Own Cold Frame


A cold frame can help extend your growing season considerably. Read more…

Recycling Kiddie Pools


Don’t let that swiss-cheesed kiddie pool get away from you. Read more…

Books – The Frugal Gardener


Read more…

Keep Broken Rakes Out of the Landfill


A rake’s usefulness doesn’t end at a break. Read more…