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Frugal Valentine Ideas For Any Day!


Roses Are Red… And Pretty Darn Expensive!

While the following ideas are specifically geared towards helping your and your mate or family express your Valentine’s love for each other without hawking your hearts to do it, you can really use these ideas any day of the year to show just how much you care. Ignore the retail pitchmen who try to convince you that your love and the heft of your wallet are synonymous. Sometimes the simplest of things reveal the best way of saying “I love you”.

-Give the gift of time. A great way to do this is to make up coupons or time certificates to give out to loved ones. Your time really is the most valuable and important gift you can give, and the list of “things” you can commit to here is nearly endless. Offer to do someone’s chores for a day, or walk the dog for a week. Cook a meal or a batch of cookies, or pick up the responsibility of cleaning up after by doing the dishes for a few days. Wash your mate’s car, offer back rubs or foot massages… anything that will be appreciated by the receiver is fair game to give. Read more…

Create Your Own “_____ Of The Month” Club


The personal gift that keeps on giving. Read more…

Scan All Your Pictures to Disk


A great computer-generated gift idea! Read more…

Knit Yourself To a Gift


Making gifts makes them more special. Read more…

Create Your Own Calendar


Get creative with your computer. Read more…

Look Locally When Searching For Gifts


The perfect gift idea may be right under your nose. Read more…

Use Your Computer to Produce Gifts


Calendars aren’t the only gift idea you can make with your computer. Read more…

Create Your Own Recipe Box/Book


Give the gift of favorite foods. Read more…