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Green Products Aim to Save Money and Environment


If you’ve ever felt like making your own club soda or parking a two-speed toilet in your bathroom, the recent Green Products Expo was the place you shoulda been. Read more…

Is The Economic Collapse a Good Thing?


On its face, the question itself is ludicrous, but the press seems to be trying to spin the faltering/failing economy lately, desperately pulling out even the thinnest of silver linings.

I’ve been catching these stories cropping up here and there (quite a few flew out when gas prices started going down last fall), and today saw a couple of more. Which I had to share, because hey, optimism. 🙂 Read more…

Recycle HP Ink Cartridges


Have a printer ink cartridge sitting around and not sure what to do with it? If it’s an HP cartridge, HP will pay your shipping to recycle it. Read more…