Here you'll find hundreds of money saving tips in a variety of areas.

Frugal Tips: Keep Your House Cozy This Winter


This video tutorial shows you several ways that you can make your house more comfortable and save money this winter. Read more…

Make a 4th of July Party Basket


Learn how to make a red, white and blue basket for your upcoming Independence Day celebrations. Read more…

July 4th Centerpiece Craft Tutorial


Learn how to make a colorful 4th of July centerpiece for your party table. This is a great project for kids. Read more…

July 4th Recycled Bottle Fireworks Lights Craft


Learn how to make these festive fireworks lights crafts from recycled bottles. Read more…

Make a 4th of July Wreath


This online crafting video will show you how to make a great wreath for your 4th of July celebrations. The primary ingredients in this are a pool noodle and sheets of red, white and blue felt. Read more…

Make a 4th of July Wind Sock


This online crafting tutorial will show you how to make a festive wind sock for July 4th. Read more…

How to Grow Your Own Pineapple


I don’t know, maybe it’s some kind of urban myth, but I swear you can grow your own pineapple from the top of one that you cut up to eat. I seem to remember a picture of a little squat pineapple plant with a fat little pineapple growing out of the middle of it, and I seem to remember trying it at least once without a hint of luck. Read more…

Make Your Own Inexpensive Laundry Soap


The title of this video is “Make YEARS worth of laundry detergent for about FIVE BUCKS!”, and while I think the five bucks is closer than the years, I will say that you can make a sizable amount of detergent for very little money. And as a side benefit, it’s much more natural than the more expensive brand detergents you’ll find on the market.

Ingredients include a couple of bars of soap, a box of washing soda, a box of borax, and water. Check out the video for the measurements and instructions on how to make your own detergent.