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Guilty Yard Sale Shopper Syndrome


Most of us have to deal with and overcome this at some point… Read more…

Create a Pleasant Shopping Environment


Steps to making your buyers feel comfortable at your sale. Read more…

Yard Sales Love Company


Next time you run a yard sale, make sure you don’t do it alone. Read more…

Yard Sale Pricing Guide


Don’t make your yard sale prices hard than they need to be. Read more…

Selecting The Perfect Yard Sale Weekend


Or rather, the weekends that would be perfectly awful to have a yard sale on. Read more…

Immediately Remove Price Tags From Sale Items


The glue used on price tags tends to get stronger the longer it stays on an item. Read more…

Go Yard Sale-ing With Your Child’s Feet


It’s the only way to buy shoes for children at yard sales. Read more…

Get The Most Out of Buck-A-Bag Yard Sale Clothes


It’s a great deal, but you can even make it more of one. Read more…