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Where to Find Yard Sales


There are a number of resources you can turn to to find yard sales in your area. Read more…

Troll Yard Sales for Familiar Appliances


Take stock of what you own, and keep an eye open at your next yard sale spree. Read more…

Advertise Your Yard Sale: Online


Use the Internet to draw shoppers to your Website. Read more…

Target Yard Sale Locations For Specific Items


It’s not just the wealth of a neighborhood that can affect what you’ll find at a yard sale. Read more…

Class Warfare, Yard Sale Edition


The location of the yard sale you’re visiting can make a lot of difference. Read more…

CDs and DVDs at Yard Sales


What to look for when buying yard sale CDs and DVDs. Read more…

Yard Sale Dibs


Don’t let items that interest you out of your site. Read more…