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CDs and DVDs at Yard Sales

What to look for when buying yard sale CDs and DVDs.

Yard sales are great places to buy cheap CDs and DVDs, but you should make sure of a few things before you walk away with your entertainment. First, open up the cases and make sure that what it contains is actually what it is supposed to be. As you know from your own collection, it’s pretty easy to put the wrong disk in a case, and this is particularly true at sales where who knows how many people have been ahead of you taking the disks out of the cases.

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Which is what you should do next. Remove the disk from its case and flip it over to check for any scratches or other irregularities (I have a few copies of Dora the Explorer colored a lovely shade of purple crayon if you’d like a demonstration of “other irregularities”). Even the smallest scratch can ruin a disk, something that is particularly true when it comes to software.

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