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Coupons 101: Getting Started With Couponing

You see them everywhere: nestled in newspapers, on the pages of magazines, in your mail, and even dangling off products throughout your grocery aisles. Clipping coupons has become a big business for many shoppers, and if you put enough time into it, you can realize sizeable savings on your shopping receipts. Even if you don’t choose to put a ton of time into it, couponing can save you a considerable amount and make it one hobby that pays you, week in, week out.

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Whether you’re into extreme couponing or are looking to be more leisurely about it, the following tips can help you get started and answer many of the couponing questions you might have, such as:

-Where do I find coupons?
-How do I organize my coupons?
-What is/are double coupons? Stacking coupons? Rain checks? Stockpiling? Etc.?
-What tips will help me in my couponing quest?

Coupons can help you save on everything from groceries and cleaning supplies to health/beauty products and more. Let’s get started with a look at where you can find your own coupons.

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