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Download Free Thanksgiving Screensavers, Wallpaper, and Desktop Themes

The best way to get into any holiday spirit is to surround yourself with it, and Thanksgiving is no different. Since you obviously spend time on the computer (assuming people aren’t printing this out and leaving it under car windshields… again), “decorating” your computer with Thanksgiving wallpaper and other holiday touches is a great way to get in a turkey day mood. The following resources will help in your quest for free Thanksgiving screensavers, wallpaper, and desktop themes.

Thanksgiving screensaver

Quality Savers. Quality Savers houses a number of holiday and other screensavers, including several for Thanksgiving (scroll down the page for these). Selections here include Animated Turkey Forest, Thanksgiving Cards, and Turkey Riders (think falling leaves and kids riding turkeys across your screen, which is actually less creepy than it sounds).

TheHolidaySpot. TheHolidaySpot offers several screensavers, from the whimsical to gorgeous HD screensavers. I’m actually running the Thanksgiving Animated Screensaver at the moment, and it’s really nice. Also be sure to check out their wallpaper section. Which segues into…

Desktop Nexus. If you’re just looking for wallpaper, this is the place. Desktop Nexus has a large selection – like hundreds large – of Thanksgiving-themed wallpaper images. The choices here range from traditional to light and humorous, with a few kittens and cartoon characters thrown in.

EZ Themes. If you’re looking for a complete Thanksgiving package, check out EZ Themes’ collection of Thanksgiving themes. They number ten in all, covering everything from Mickey Mouse to Thanksgiving at Gramma’s House. While all of these themes differ a bit in terms of what they contain and what you need system-wise to use them, most contain wallpaper, icons, cursers, bootscreens, sounds, and other resources to completely trick out your system. Before downloading one, click on the More Info button to see exactly what you’re getting and what you need to run it.

Other free Thanksgiving resources:

Thanksgiving ClipartThanksgiving GamesThanksgiving eCards/CardsThanksgiving Ringtones/SoundsThanksgiving Coloring Pages – Thanksgiving Screensavers, Wallpaper, and Desktop Themes

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