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Easy Fix For Appliances That Just Quit

Don’t toss it or trudge it to the repair shop until you’ve tried this.

This just happened to us the other day with a hairdryer, so I can vouch first-hand for its veracity. Many appliances rely on air to help cool them down, and they do this with a fan and some form of exhaust vent. On the hairdryer, it was just a series of slits in one side of the dryer where the hot air was blown out.

Everything is fine until those vents or slits get blocked with dust. Then, with no where to go, the heat causes the appliance to shut down until is it cooler. If you’re having problems with the appliance shutting off after a few minutes and needing a “cool down”, try cleaning out the exhaust area with a used toothbrush, toothpick or whatever else will allow to get in there and start scraping at dust buildup.

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