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Five Most Employment-Friendly Degrees

If you’re looking to get a degree that has the best potential to land you your dream job, avoid English (smacks self in head) and concentrate on the following.

Yahoo! Education takes a look at five fields that are the best bets for landing a quick and great job after graduation. Among them:

Useful Degree #3 – Bachelor’s in Computer Science

Are you fascinated by cutting edge technology and the myriad of computing devices that make this the Information Age? That techie curiosity could be perfect for majoring in computer science, a degree that Heathfield sees as cutting edge.

“I’m always hot on computer science, information technology, and information systems,” says Heathfield. Why? Because, she says, people who understand cloud computing and mobile applications are going to be critical to businesses going forward. Simply put: “They are going to be wanted,” she says.

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In fact, one of the things the College Board says you’ll learn about in this major is how to design computer programs that allow humans and computers to talk to each other. Maybe that’s why one of the classes they list is artificial intelligence. Other common ones are digital systems design, software engineering, and computer system organization.

Potential Career: The U.S. Department of Labor says that most computer programmers get a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related area, though some employers may hire hopefuls with an associate’s degree.

Check out all five here.

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  1. MMLamb says:

    With a computer sci/IT degree, you can do just about anything, particularly if you add to it by picking up new languages or other tech skills. The down side: it’s always evolving/changing. Prepare to put a fair amount of time into keeping your skills and knowledge up-to-date. Challenging and fun though!

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