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Five Ways To Save on Pet Food Costs

Feel like you’re going broke keeping Fluffy and Spot in chow? You’re not alone. Pet food in this country is a $21.3 billion a year industry according to the American Pet Products Association, but there are ways you can save.

One way is to ferret out the lowest prices for pet food using online tools:

Dig up the lowest pet food prices online on new pet product search website The website searches about 40 online pet retailers for 10,000 products and lets you compare prices, including shipping costs. also seeks out coupons you can use on the product, helping you save money.

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The website launched in early April, and is still adding more products, says DugDug founder David Keh. The site sells dog and cat products, but will launch items for smaller animals, such as fish, birds and hamsters within the year, Keh says.

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