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Green Products Aim to Save Money and Environment

If you’ve ever felt like making your own club soda or parking a two-speed toilet in your bathroom, the recent Green Products Expo was the place you shoulda been. According their Website, the show “is designed for media and exhibitors to have conversations about products and trends in the marketplace” It was held this past year on February 25th at the Marriott Marquis New York in Times Square.  According to an article on MSNBC’s Website, this year’s show and the products introduced were a little different than those in the past, thanks in large part to the economy:

“Last year green products were mostly about women’s apparel made out of eco-friendly materials, this year with the economic crunch people are staying at home and looking to see where they can make a few changes to save money,” said Kevin Nichols, the head of Propel Media, whose products were shown at the expo.

To reduce water waste Kohler designed efficient toilets that feature two buttons — one to produce a flush of 1.6 gallons (6 liters) and a second that uses only half that amount for smaller jobs.

Todd Weber, a manager at the company, said an investment of about $500 into a package that includes the dual flush and high-tech shower heads, which trick consumers into thinking they are using more water than they really are, can pay for itself with in one to two years.

The toilets can save a family up to 16,500 gallons of water per year and the shower heads can save more than 20 percent on hot water bills, according to the firm.

Perhaps because I’ve so recently gone through it, but all I seem to come up with regarding this is how much more of a difficulty level does this add to toilet training. 🙂

It’s rather a shame that this event was only open to the media, but it sounds like a great idea that will hopefully spawn a lot more great ideas.

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