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How to Grow Your Own Pineapple

I don’t know, maybe it’s some kind of urban myth, but I swear you can grow your own pineapple from the top of one that you cut up to eat. I seem to remember a picture of a little squat pineapple plant with a fat little pineapple growing out of the middle of it, and I seem to remember trying it at least once without a hint of luck.

Because I’m not busy enough dodging rain and snow (yes, we had snow Memorial Day weekend) in trying to get my garden in, let’s try one more time. This video from Garden Frugal shows you how to rip the top off your current pineapple and get it to root (and, theoretically, to grow a new pineapple). I’m going to brighten the day’s todo list with this fun project, although I fear it might just be compost pile Purgatory for the poor pineapple top. At the very least it will confuse the cat.

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