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How To Idle in the “Members Only” Lounges Between Flights

They aren’t just for VIP’s anymore.

They are the most comfortable way to spend a few hours between flights in an airport, pockets of sanity and relative-luxury tucked amidst the drab terminal bars. They are airline “Members Only” lounges, and most pay a pretty penny per year for the right to soak in their stateliness. Lest you think you have to fork over a hefty wad to gain access to these areas, there are cheaper alternatives, as The Frugal Flier recently found. Among the options open to you:

Negotiate.  Many of us are stranded in the airport due to flight delays and cancellations. Though frustrating, these inconveniences can be used as opportunities. Next time you’re bumped or otherwise waylaid, don’t just settle for an airline voucher; tell the person helping you that you’d like a day pass to the airline’s club as part of your compensation.

Other options suggested by The Frugal Flier include buying day passes from the airlines, or checking eBay for inexpensive passes.

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