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How to Make a Halloween Witch

This video tutorial shows you how to make a Halloween witch from construction paper. The instructions can be found below the video.

1. Grab the black construction paper, fold and cut into a square. Take the glue and and glue the construction paper into a cone. Cut off the top, which will make the witch hat.
2. Grab the green construction paper and cut a strip for the body and cut the shape for the face. Glue onto the black cone.
3. Take the purple construction paper and cut into strips to make the hair of the witch. Glue on.
4. Take the yellow construction paper and cut out two little circles, these will make the eyes.
5. Grab a black crayon to draw on the eyes and a smile.
6. Now take the red and white construction paper and cut out two long rectangles and two short rectangles. Glue the ends together and fold, one on top of the other repeatedly to make the accordion legs and arms. Glue on!
7. Grab the yellow construction paper to make the witchs broom and black construction paper to make the shoes. Glue on!
8. Grab your crayons and decorate how you want too.

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