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How To Remove Mildew From Clothes

Try this simple trick to remove any mildew that your clothing may have picked up.Simply dip the mildewed part of the clothing into buttermilk, then set in a sunny area to dry. Launder as usual once the buttermilk has dried.

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  1. exponent says:

    This is how to get mold and mildew out of clothes and how to get the smell of mildew out of clothes SmellyWasher Cleaner is a completely organic powder that is used to clear fungus from any clothes washer. The cleaner is used by adding a small amount (1 tablespoon normally suffices) to a hot setting in your washer and allowing it to complete the cycle.
    In order to remove fungus from towels and clothing use just one teaspoon of cleaner instead of detergent. Rinse and dry as normal. This product is super simple and works great! It is available at

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