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How To Yard Sale: Tools Of The Trade

Pack before you go, oh brave yardsaler, and your journey will be smoother.First off, consider the weather. It’s probably not raining, but if so, bring some rain gear. More often than not if you’re hitting a lot of sales, it’ll be nice, so bring a hat, some sunglasses, sun block, etc. Keep a small cooler in your car with refreshments to keep you hydrated if it’s really hot. Comfortable shoes and clothing are a must.

Plastic grocery bags might be good to have, if only so you don’t have to ask around at the sale to get one and can start cramming stuff in it right away. Stick one in your pocket just in case. Also, keep a cardboard box in your car with a couple of towels, in case you need to secure something that could roll around or break for the ride home.

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A tape measure is good to have, particularly if you’re shopping for something where size counts, such as a piece of furniture. A length of rope is good if you need to tie something to your car (or tie your hatchback down), and small tools like screwdrivers are handy to check an item’s battery compartment, etc. (a multipurpose tool like a Swiss army knife or Leatherman works well here). For that matter, it wouldn’t hurt to carry a few spare battery with you to test items if the owner doesn’t have any.

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