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Moffsoft FreeCalc

Moffsoft FreeCalc replaces the existing Windows calculator with additional features.

Features include:

* Adjustable calculator size – Make it any size you want and Moffsoft FreeCalc will remember the size and position next time you use it.
* Tape – Save, print, or clear the simulated paper history tape.
* Color schemes – Select a color combination or use your Windows color settings.
* New keys – Clear Tape {CT}, double zero {00}, triple zero {000}, and memory subtract {M-} keys have been added.
* Visible memory value – You’ll always know what’s in memory because it’s displayed on the calculator status bar.
* Option settings – Flat buttons, always on top, tray icon, run on startup, and hiding the tape are some of the calculator options.
* Digit groupings – Number groupings for easy to read numbers.
* International support – Digit grouping and decimal point characters change based on your regional settings.
* Tray icon – Turn on the tray icon for quick and easy access.

Home Page: Moffsoft FreeCalc

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