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Netflix, Hulu, Amazon… Which To Choose?

When it comes to streaming video, the options abound. Three of the biggest streaming video services now are Netflix Instant, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Instant, but which is right for you?

Digital Trends recently came out with an article that looks at this question, and their findings: it depends. It depends on what you like to watch, how you want to watch it (what devices you have), and what kind of quality you’re looking for. But when it comes to price (and this being the FrugalWorld, it always does), one wins hands down:

Based on price point alone, a subscription to Amazon Prime at $79.99 per year is slightly cheaper than the $96 per year that’s spent on a Netflix or Hulu Plus subscription. At approximately $6.67 per month, Amazon Prime subscribers get access to all the streaming titles on Amazon Instant Video in addition to free two-day shipping on all products sold by Amazon and one free book a month from the Amazon Lending Library to use on a Kindle device.

If you purchase more than one item a month off Amazon, it’s definitely going to save you money in the long run. For cord cutters, you can also find discounts on season passes for the current season of shows like The Walking Dead and Psych that air on cable-only networks and aren’t available on a service like Hulu Plus.

You can read the whole breakdown here.

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