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Organic vs. Non-Organic Produce: When to Buy Each

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Let’s face it: pesticides are bad. They kill bugs, for Pete’s sake, so they can’t be all that good for your average human. Research has linked human exposure to pesticides to cancer, neurological damage, birth defects, possible early-onset Parkinson’s… the list goes on and on.

So you should avoid regular produce and eat organic, right? It’s a good strategy, but also an expensive one. Organic produce can be a great deal more expensive than regular produce. I was in the local supermarket the other day and saw organic onions that were DOUBLE what they were charging for regular onions. There has to be a middle road…

And there is. It turns out that not all produce is created – or sprayed – equal. Some produce is just more chemically free when it hits the produce aisle misters. Sometimes this is thanks to a thick skin that keeps pesticides away from the edible flesh (think avocadoes, pineapples). Sometimes it’s just that pests, for whatever reason, generally give particular vegetables a wide berth (onions, cabbage).

Whatever the reason, there are some fruits and vegetables that are loaded with chemicals, and some which are virtually chemical free. You can use this fact in your shopping to keep your family safe and your grocery costs low. The following two lists include vegetables which are considered to be “dirty” (potentially containing a high amount of pesticide residue) and “clean” (generally containing a low amount of pesticide residue).

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    Great article, and definitely valuable information. It’s worth noting that if you can afford to pay a little extra, it’s also good to buy the “clean” produce organic. Buying organic supports organic farmers, research into organic farming techniques, and supports clean air, water and communities. Because organic farming as a process is vastly different from large-scale farming, it also helps to cut down on global warming. Buying organic invests in all this!

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