Plot Out Your Garden on Paper
15 March, 2007 Frugal Tips

This is an excellent mid-winter gardening task.

The best way to utilize your garden most effectively and get it to yield the most is to break it down on a grid and do some planning before the first seed hits the ground. Graph paper is great for this, or just use a pencil and ruler and draw one. Make one box equal one foot by one foot, or three by three, or whatever you need to get the garden on one sheet of paper. Plan out your garden one square at a time in terms of what you’re going to plant there. Some things to keep in mind include the size of the plant (both in terms of width and height, if it will block the sun from a neighboring block), plants that you can combine in a block (example, radishes and carrots), etc.

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You can go completely fun and involve colored pencils, draw pictures, whatever appeals to the inner artistic gardener in you. To get some ideas on what you can do with your paper planner, download demos of online garden planner software that you can find through search engines and see what they have for features. If you keep careful notes on what worked and what didn’t, these paper planners can be an invaluable source of information for future planting seasons.

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