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Punch Up Cheap Cold Cereal

You can save a lot of money buying cheaper, no-brand cereals, but children in particular may find them bland. Here are some suggestions for livening up generic breakfast cereal blends.

We’re basically talking additives here, as you really can’t do a whole lot to the cereal itself to “improve” it. You can add to it though. Try adding raisins or other dried fruit, nuts, fresh fruit like sliced apples. Even a little cinnamon can give a lowly bowl of cold cereal a boost.

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An even better tip is to toss the cold cereal completely and get your kids interested in oatmeal, and here again, what you add to it can make all the difference in the world. We had some here last week with a little shredded coconut and maple syrup, and it was great! Oatmeal is one of those foods that is almost impossibly good for you, and getting kids interested in it early is not only a healthy but also a frugal plus.

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