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Quero Toolbar

Navigation bar replacement with integrated ad blocker for Internet Explorer.


Address bar functionality
Seamless integration of Web search and address navigation into only one input box.

Navigation bar replacement
Cutstomize the UI of IE7 – resize, move or shorten your address bar again

Search profile editor
Add your own favorite search engines to Quero or choose from a list of predefined search profiles.

Ad blocker
Guard against unwanted Flash, banner, layer, Google, IntelliTXT and pop-up ads.

Quick Type & Find
Instantly jump to Quero’s search box when you start typing and find the phrase as you type.

Highlight search terms
Quero can automatically highlight the search term occurrencies of your last query.

Cursor search
Search or highlight any word on a Web page by selecting and right-clicking it.

Go to text URLs
Jump to URLs that are not hyperlinked.

Google’s browse by name
Are you feeling lucky? Ctrl+Enter automatically directs you to the first Web page returned by Google for your query.

Paste and go
Paste text into Quero and immediately load/search it with one command.

Drag & Drop functionality
Drag keywords from or to Quero’s serach box or drag URLs from Quero to your Favorites or Links bar.

Zoom page
Make text on Web pages easier legible and scale them for printing.

Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) plug-in
Access Web addresses in your own language. Experimental support for cyrillic TLDs (рф, ру, ком, нет, орг) included.

IDN phishing protection
Quero protects you against IDN phishing tricks by highlighting suspicious characters in the host name.

Core domain highlighting
Quero helps you to figure out on which Web site you really are by highlighting the registered domain in the address.

https indication
Secure connections are indicated by a change of Quero’s background color to yellow and by displaying the lock symbol in the toolbar. You are encouraged to check the Web site’s certificate.

Favicons in taskbar
Quero makes the shortcut icons found on many Web sites visible and displays the favicons in the taskbar.

Resize browser window
Quickly change the size of your browser window to predefined dimensions.

User agent editor
Allows you to view and edit the user agent string to simulate another Web browser.

Customize toolbar appearance
Change the design of the toolbar buttons and the font size of Quero’s search box.

Home Page: Quero Toolbar

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