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Removing Self-Stick Stamps From Envelopes

You’ll need more than a little water or steam to free these stamps from an envelope.

In days of yore, a stamp mistakenly placed on an envelope could easily be removed either by steaming the stamp or drowning it in a small bowl of water for a half-hour or so. With the new self-stick stamps, you’ll need something a little stronger. Stronger in this case equals nail polish remover.

Use a cotton ball or ear swab to liberally soak the stamp and let it set for a few minutes. The acetone will start to dissolve the adhesive on the back of the stamp (the stamp itself will not be harmed). The stamp should just peel right off after a few minutes. When dry, use a little white glue to attach it to your envelope of choice.

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  1. carey says:

    thank you the stamps are proving difficult, they have these stamped in rounded oblongs that prove difficult to remove

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