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Reuse Vacuum Cleaner Bags

Think a full vacuum cleaner bag is only useful as landfill fodder? Think again.

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While the business end of a vacuum cleaner bag is usually some form of valve to keep dirt trapped in it, you can still empty a full bag by doing a little duct tape surgery to it. Make a slice down the backside of the bag with a razor knife, then empty out the bag. Fold the two ends of the slip over on themselves, and seal with a strip of ever-handy duct tape. Voila, one recycled vacuum cleaner bag. These bags are usually pretty sturdy, so you should be able to get several uses out of a single bag.

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  1. Bill Cook says:

    It is indeed a nice advice. I think I can save lots of money by reusing vacuum bags also can save the environment.

    Thank you,
    Bill Cook –

  2. I wanted to say I came across this page and it has some good info. I just sent it to my friend. Cheers

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