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Saving Money While Staying Cool

When it gets hot, you naturally want to cool down, and the easiest way to do that is to flick on the AC and just chill. It’s also the most expensive way to cool down. The following tips will help you to beat the heat without spending a ton of cash to do it.

Change Your Schedule

The hottest part of the day is generally about eleven/noon to six, so you’re crazy if you keep your usual schedule of doing the bulk of everything during these hours. If you can swing it (and obviously it’s not always possible), try getting up earlier and getting a lot of the things you have to do outside the house done before the sun really starts heating things up. Then you can stay in and stay cooler during the peak hot hours of the day. These hours are also good times to schedule tasks such as hair and dentist appointments, as well as other must-do things that take place in air conditioned surroundings.

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  1. loist73 says:

    We have a small family room in the basement, real small. A couple of ratty couches and some panelling. It is cooler though down there. When it gets really hot I drag the girls down there to watch winter movies (Frosty, Snow Dogs, etc.). I don’t know if it’s the psychology of seeing snow for a couple of hours, but it really seems to make the heat less oppressive, at least for a while. I think, therefore I’m cool!

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