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Scan All Your Pictures to Disk

A great computer-generated gift idea!Putting all your pictures in digital form will protect them for many years to come, and you can easily and cheaply do it if you own a scanner and a CD burner. Scan all the pictures in and organize them by folder (year, event, etc.), then burn them to CDs, making sure to label the CDs so you can more easily find pictures when you want them. Burn multiple copies to give as gifts to other family members. Your family will love to get them “memory disks,” and you’ll have copies out there that will be saved for many generation.

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  1. dennis_l says:

    We did this last year and the inlaws loved it (or so they said). A couple of suggestions:

    -keep the photos large, as large as they come off the digital camera. Large jpeg pictures print at a higher resolution than smaller ones (and better than something like gifs), so bigger is better.

    -burn the images to DVD if you can. Always choose the latest format you can when burning stuff (once it settles in to be a given well-used format). I’m not sure it matters a whole lot. CDs will definitely be around for a while, but it will become obsolete some day, probably before DVDs, so why not? Also, you can fit more pictures on a DVD!

    -whichever format you go with (CD or DVD), check your computer to see if you have authoring software that came with your CD or DVD drive. Most of the time you’ll at least have a simple program that will allow you to make slideshows, etc. with your pictures. This can be an easy way to burn them, and you’ll have a number of “perks” you can do to make the whole presentation look more professional.

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