Seasonal Grocery Shopping Guide: What To Buy, Month By Month
17 September, 2012 Articles

There are many strategies you can use to save money on your grocery shopping. One of the best is to target items that are in season.

This guide takes a look at what produce and other items are in season, month by month. Each page/month of this guide focuses on three main areas:

-Holidays. Whether you are just coming off a holiday, or just gearing up for one, most months have very specific holiday-related items that you can save considerably on, as opposed to other times of the year.

-National _______ Month. From National Diet Month (January) to National Cookie Month (October), it seems like every food or industry has their own specially designated month. While it isn’t a given that you’ll find diet products on sale in January or cookies on sale in October, many manufacturers or retailers use these celebrations as a hook to base specials around. We include a sizeable list for most months so that you’ll know what items to keep an eye on, pricing wise.

-Seasonal produce. Most fruits and vegetables ripen and appear on shelves at specific times of the year. Thanks to long-haul transportation and improved storage, these fruits and vegetables may be available year round, but when in season, they will be cheaper, probably fresher, and more likely locally grown. While this list will vary some depending on your location, it’s good to keep an eye on to know, month to month, what fruits and vegetables will probably be cheaper. This is when you should stock up on them for freezing and canning.

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Note: your best bet to save on groceries is to know your prices. Just because something is seasonal doesn’t mean your local store will have it at a special price. Knowing what stores are normally charging for items and keeping an eye on them for seasonal drops in price will greatly improve your odds of saving money.

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