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Shop Alone

Sometimes shopping help can be a hindrance.We recommended this option in at least one other section as well, but the truth of it holds up: shop alone. You’ll be much more likely to give in to the latest trends if a child is screaming that he or she must have it. While we feel that it is much better to work with a child and give them some choices in what they get for supplies and clothing, if the budget is really tight the best option may be to leave them at home.

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  1. planet janice says:

    God isn’t this the truth. I have two kids, and one of them is really good in a store. But the other? Ryan is destined to be either a pickpocket or a magician later in life. The skill this kid has in squirreling things into the shopping cart when I’m not looking is uncanny. Unfortunately my husband works when I shop, so I’m stuck. Guess which one gets to ride in the cart? 🙂

    Also, don’t shop on an empty stomach. It’s a snackfood magnet.

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