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Target Farmers’ Markets

Buying produce in-season is the way to go, but if you aren’t able to grow your own, you have to know where to go to find some.

If you have farm stands in your area, this is a good place to start if you’re looking to buy in-season produce to preserve for the winter. An even better option is to target farmers’ markets. These farming “yard sales” are generally held once a week and feature a number of merchants/farmers selling all manner of produce, baked goods, etc. One real plus here is that you will find a good variety, and since farmers are competing against each other at the market, the prices will tend to reflect that.

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To find where farmers’ markets are held in your area, check with your local Cooperative Extension Service. These are usually run by the county, state, or even local universities with agricultural programs. Check your local White Pages for the number of the one closest to you.

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