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Target Gardening Catalogs That Offer Coupons

If you know where to look, you can save 50% off gardening catalog orders.

You’ve begged, borrowed, and stopped just short of stealing. The time has come, you can’t put it off any longer: you have to place a gardening catalog order. But which one should you go with? Here at Casa Cash-Strapped we’ve spent the past couple of years laying the seeds, so to speak, for a mini-farm. As such, we’ve had our share of experiences with gardening catalogs, and one tip looms large when dealing with them: the 25/50 coupon.

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OK, that’s what I call them. How they work: you spend a set amount with the gardening catalog company, usually $25. They then give you your next $25 in products for free, so you’re actually getting $50 worth of gardening stuff for $25. Many of the companies listed below offer at least one and usually more coupons throughout the year, so get on their list by writing/e-mailing them to request a catalog (these companies are also ones that we’ve consistently had the most luck with in terms of service, quality, etc.):

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