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Tips For Finding and Landing a Seasonal Job

Tips For Getting a Seasonal Job

In order to increase your chances of getting a seasonal job, try the following:

-Remember, it’s a job. It may be just seasonal, but it’s still a job, and the usual rules of applying for a job still, well, apply. Be pleasant, smile a lot, and be enthusiastic. A positive attitude goes a long with employers, particularly those looking for seasonal help. Show up for interviews or to fill out applications in business/casual attire. Bring a resume, references, your own pens, and any documentation you might need to show you are legally able to work at the job you’re applying for.

-Start early. You’ll greatly improve your chances if you don’t start looking for seasonal employment at the last minute. The longer you wait, the more competition you’ll face for a dwindling number of positions. Start thinking about looking as early as September. Most retailers and other employers will begin ramping up their hiring in late October and really get into it throughout November.

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-Apply for multiple jobs. You’ll increase the likelihood of landing a position if you apply for several jobs, instead of just one. This is just a straight-up “improving the odds” thing. And don’t just settle for going store to store in the mall. Mix up your job hunting by hitting retailers, warehouses, restaurants, hotels, and any other industry that sees an upswing in business during the holidays.

-Mold your resume. If you’re applying for several different kinds of jobs, highlight relevant experience that the employer may be looking for. You definitely don’t want to lie, but a resume geared towards a job running a ski lift and one for a job selling lingerie should definitely look different.

-Be flexible. Being flexible enough to cover any and all shifts will put you firmly in the hearts and minds of frazzled managers when they are trying to consider who to hire. Make sure they know you’ll work anytime and are available to pick up additional shifts as needed and you’ll greatly increase your chances of being hired on the spot.

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