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Tips For Finding and Landing a Seasonal Job

Where To Find Seasonal Jobs

If your entire seasonal job search strategy was just heading down to the Walmart to fill out an application, it’s time to revise that strategy. As mentioned earlier, any industry that sees its business swell around the holidays is going to be looking for seasonal help, and the avenues you have for finding these employers are many. Some places to start your seasonal job search include:

-Businesses themselves. If they’re selling more, feeding more, housing more, etc., they’ll be hiring more. Target retailers, restaurants and hotels, as well as warehouses that are tied to online retailers like Any companies that are largely geared towards holiday sales (ex. fruit baskets) are going to be practically begging for help.

-Contact shippers. Shipping companies like UPS, FedEx and DHL hire a lot of extra workers for the holidays, both to work on trucks and in their warehouses. Check their websites for info on seasonal employment.

-Network. Turn to family, friends, online contacts, and others when looking for seasonal jobs. They may know someone who is hiring (and can put in a good word for you), or may be hiring themselves.

-Local temp agencies. Your local temp employment agencies can not only hook you up with seasonal employment, but once you’re a known commodity, they can help you out year round.

-Dejob vu. Another place to look for seasonal employment is jobs you’ve worked before. Assuming you left on good terms, hit up your old boss(es) to see if they are hiring for the holidays. You are not only a known quantity, but you’ll have a leg up on any training that an employer will have to put new hires through. This a huge point in your favor.

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-Online job boards/search engines. A great many online job boards and job search engines can help you not only find full-time/permanent work, but are also quite good if you are looking for seasonal work. A couple of things to consider here: 1) narrow the returns geographically if you can to only get those positions in your city or town, and 2) narrow down results further by using appropriate keywords. Some good keywords to try at these sites include temporary, temp, temp job, or seasonal. Try one (preferably more) of the following to find seasonal jobs:
Cool Works
Job Monkey
Snag a Job

And while we’re looking…

-The best paying seasonal jobs. While not all jobs are created equal (compensation-wise), neither are all seasonal jobs. Yeah, you can pick up some extra cash being a Santa’s helper at the mall, but if you have some additional skills, you can really clean up. According to Forbes, these are some of the top paying seasonal jobs:

-marketing coordinator
-social media assistant
-marketing research surveyor
-customer service representatives
-seasonal recruiters
-production designers

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