Here you'll find hundreds of money saving tips in a variety of areas.

Tips for Saving on Back To School Shopping

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Avoid the trends. You’ll get a lot more use out of more expensive items like backpacks and lunch boxes if you avoid the branded items with the latest doll, super hero, or movie character on them. These fads quickly become old, and you’ll be lucky if you can even get through the year without your child casting off the latest “in” backpack for the next one. Choose non-branded items that your child can then decorate and redecorate. You may be able to get a couple of years out of such items this way. This goes for lesser items such as supplies (notebooks, etc.), as well. Non-branded items will cost less in general than items which are sending a chunk of the cost to Disney or Marvel Comics.

If you really must buy the latest trends… hold off until just before the school year starts. What is sooooooooooo cool in June may very well be “old school” come September. And you’ll be buying a new backpack. Touch base with other parents (with like-aged kids) to find out what their children think the latest “in” thing is.

Network. While you have those parents on the phone, pump them for information. Just like you, they are there in the trenches, and are a rich source of information when it comes to all things back to school shoppingish. Compare notes on deals you’ve found, stores that are definitely worth hitting, and those merchants which should be avoided.

Host a clothes swap. Parents are not only a valuable source of information… they also own a treasure trove of clothes that their kids have outgrown or grown out of interest in. So do you. Get a few of them together and play clothes swap. Even if you only pick up a couple of items, that’s still money in your pocket (and less clutter in your child’s closet). Throw items such as toys and books into the “swap” mix to really add value to the effort.

Back to school clothing strategies. Clothes are definitely the largest expense when it comes to back to school shopping. As such, it’s also the area where you can save the most. Start off by going through your child’s closets and seeing what still works for the next year, and what you’ll definitely have to buy. Any old clothes (left over from the clothes swap) can be sold on consignment. Any really nice items, list them on Craigslist or eBay.

Reimage old clothes by sewing cool patches on holes or worn areas, tie-dying old t-shirts, turning pants into capris… use your imagination, or do a search on the Internet for “new life for old clothes” for a wealth of ideas. Social sites like Pinterest are great for this as well. If your child really must have some designer clothes (the holding their breath until they’re blue variety of must), check out sites like and for great deals on name-brand clothes. You can also hit end of summer sales to pick up some great deals on “summer” clothes that can be worked into your child’s school wardrobe. Depending on your climate, many summer clothes can be worn well into the school year.

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