Trim Items From Your Weekly Grocery List
5 April, 2007 Cooking Tips

This is another painless way to see substantial grocery savings over time.

In another tip, we covered the concept of trimming a certain percentage from what you spend on groceries each week. For example, trimming just 5% off a $200 weekly grocery bill can result in a savings of over $500 a year.

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Similarly, and if you’re into something a little less math-heavy, you can try trimming a number of items that you buy each week. For example, if you buy a bag of chips each week for $3, cut it out. You don’t really need it, you’ll be healthier for it being gone, and you’ll realize a savings of $156 a year. Try five items like this to realize some real grocery list savings.

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    Well I won’t, good tip though. A lesser one: don’t cut things off the list, but definitely go with generic versions, like generic aspirin instead of a well known brand, store brand bread instead of loaves costing 45-50 cents more (or more, like Pepperage Farms, which is insane). Think of it like trimming a grocery list quality wise, not quantity wise. You will save less than if you had cut it out entirely, but you’ll still save (and don’t worry; if the quality doesn’t quite thrill you, you will get used to it).

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