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Use Coffee Grounds to Combat Garden Low Acidity

If your soil is too alkaline (not acidic enough), you’ll have growing much of anything.

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To combat low soil acidity, try stirring used coffee grounds into it. You can test the soil originally by either getting a low-cost test kit at your local garden center, or try calling your nearest agricultural school or your state’s department of agriculture. Many of these types of schools or agencies will test soil ph for free.

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One Response to “Use Coffee Grounds to Combat Garden Low Acidity”

  1. loisneddy says:

    Coffee grounds work well in compost piles as well. If you can, use the reusable filter baskets (plastic strainer type, if that makes sense), as some kinds of filters will not quickly break down in a compost pile.

    We’ve been using hydrated lime to boost our soil acidity, but will try the coffee grounds.

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